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To promote their latest single, into the world / Märchen, Kalafina decided to spoil their fans by releasing not just one, but two PVs! While Märchen‘s PV is definitely more interesting, with its fast-forward scenes and slightly creepy vibe, into the water’s into the world‘s PV is the prettier of the two. It’s so gorgeous that I can forgive it for being basically a less eventful rehash of their far on the water PV.

I think it was still winter in Japan when they filmed this, and you can see how strong the wind is. Poor Kalafina must have been freezing in those outfits, but they did a commendable job of maintaining their composure. Well, mostly; after repeatedly watching into the world‘s PV, I’ve spotted Keiko and Hikaru discreetly trying to get hair out of their faces, and Hikaru struggling with her billowing skirt. Pretty amusing.

But I hope they thought the experience was worth it. I certainly appreciate their efforts; that beach is a spectacular backdrop.

I’m guessing the ladies must have felt something like this, though…

Hikaru: “It’s so cold! Why would you make us film outdoors this early in the year? Do we really need another PV at the beach?”

“Yeah, it’s really hard trying to look happy when the wind keeps blowing my bangs into my eyes.”

“Screw it, I’m just going to close my eyes whenever I can get away with it.”

“Makes me really glad that the stylist tied my hair back tightly…”

Hikaru: “I wish we were indoors!”
Keiko: “I wish I had some hairpins!”
Wakana: “While we’re at it…I wish we could take a boat ride afterwards to look for sharks!”

Hikaru: “Really, Wakana-san? Even in this weather?”
Wakana: “Ah, well…A girl can dream…”
Keiko: “Enough chatter, ladies! Let’s focus and finish up so we can get inside!”

Fortunately, part of the PV takes place indoors, in a lovely and thematically furnished room. You know, like where so many of Kalafina’s PVs and photoshoots are set in.

                             “Oh, thank goodness, it’s so much warmer in here!”

“I’m going to rest just for a zzzzzzzzzzz……”

“Wait…Is that gentle snoring I hear?”

“You know what, I’m going to close my eyes for a bit too…”

“There are only two chairs? Great, so I’m stuck sitting on the floor.”

“Zzzzz…Huh…Wait, I can’t sleep now, we’re supposed to be filming a PV!”

“Sleeping was such a good idea, though. I feel so refreshed!”

“Ah, you’re right! That power nap gave me the energy I needed! Even the cold can’t get me down now!”

Hikaru: “Speak for yourselves. How come I’m the only one who didn’t get to sleep? Why didn’t they write in a nap for me too? Why?”

“I wanna go back inside where it’s warm…”

“Hang in there, Hii-chan! Just a little more! We’re at the last chorus now!”

 “Good to know. I’d really like to get away from this wind and stop worrying about being blinded by my own bangs.”

Hikaru: “According to this hourglass, we’ve been here for too damn long — No, Keiko-san, why are you looking longingly outside?!”

Keiko: “Chill, Hii-chan. I just wanted to see the pretty sunset.”
Hikaru: “See, even the sun is telling us it’s time to go home.”
Wakana: “Since I’m out of focus anyway…No one will notice if I get some shuteye, right?”

Wakana: “Before we leave…Think we could take a boat out and —”
Keiko and Hikaru: “No.”

Wakana: “Well, that was worth a try.”
Keiko: “That’s it, we’re getting out of here before anyone else gets funny ideas.”

It’s been nine years, guys. Will they ever dispense with the standard Kalafina PV structure? Think we’ll ever get a PV with some semblance of a plot? Who knows. In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep trying to make up my own dumb meta-stories.

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  • Yuki88

    We all know the problem here is… Kalafina and beach do not compute lol.

    • Nat

      Not in that weather and those outfits at least…They looked so much happier indoors XD