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How to Buy Kalafina Goods from Space Craft Online with CDJapan’s Proxy Shopping Service

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4) Remember that there will be a procurement fee on top of the initial quoted charge

Below is an example of the quote you would be given just before checkout (I chose EMS as my shipping method). The term ‘Final Order Total’ is a little misleading here; it’s only what they charge you for nowThis is not the final amount for the proxy service.

The quote does not include the cost of shipping from Space Craft (or any other retailer) to CDJapan i.e. the ‘Procurement Fee’ (see Service Fee image, or read more about it here). CDJapan will only confirm this amount after they make the purchase on your behalf.

Fortunately, for Space Craft items, you can take this cost into account easily: The domestic shipping charge is a flat rate of 700 yen.

From Space Craft Online, after applying Google Translate

For other retailers, you may wish to check their domestic shipping costs before you order. Remember that you cannot cancel your order once you have confirmed it, so make sure you’re prepared to pay the procurement fee and any additional shipping costs.

So, this would be the expected total for my order:

1000 yen just for the shopping service, and 700 yen for domestic shipping from Space Craft. And then there’s international shipping. Not so cheap. But you should know that you can…

5) Make use of your CDJapan Rewards points at checkout

Yes, you can use your CDJapan Rewards points, even if your item is from another retailer!

Luckily, i had a lot of points saved up

However, you will not receive any points for items bought using the proxy shopping service.

Upon order confirmation, CDJapan will charge you the amount you see at checkout (‘Initial Payment’), They will update this charge later when the procurement fee is confirmed.

6) Wait for CDJapan to update you on the final cost and ship your item

This stage could take a while if buying from Space Craft. Space Craft’s site states that orders could take up to one month to be fulfilled. It took 20 days before I received an update from CDJapan.

When CDJapan receives your order, they will send an email to confirm the shipping charge and ‘Handling Charge’ (Service Fee + Standard Fee + Procurement Fee).

I’ll explain later why my handling charge and total amount are lower than expected

As you can see, you have three days to indicate you approve the final charge before they ship your order. Reply with your approval, and they’ll proceed to ship your stuff. But remember, you should not be able cancel your order anyway at this point; CDJapan will charge you with the fees and ship your order even if you don’t respond. So check the charges, and communicate any issues you might find within these three days.

Below is the final amount I actually paid (‘Final Payment’). Note: I ordered my item during a promotion where the standard fee was reduced from 500 yen to 250 yen.

7) Enjoy your new merchandise!

Four working days after I acknowledged the final charge, I was running around my apartment shrieking and rubbing my face in my new shirt the satisfied owner of a new long-sleeve Kalafina shirt.

Kalafina with Strings Christmas Premium Live 2016 Long-sleeve shirt black

100% cotton. Good, thick material. Surprisingly comfy.

In fact, I was so pleased with the shirt that I…bought another one.

Yeah, this is an actual order I made

If you’re planning on pre-ordering Kalafina’s into the world/Marchen and have been eyeing Kalafina goods from Space Craft, now would be a great time to buy so you can ship them together! If you’ve already pre-ordered the single, you can add items from the proxy service to your open CDJapan order (read CDJapan’s FAQ for details).

So, is it worth it?

If you rarely buy items from CDJapan or are on a tight budget, you might want to explore other services first. While CDJapan’s service fee rate and standard fee are reasonable, CDJapan’s shipping costs are relatively expensive.

But CDJapan’s proxy shopping service is definitely reliable and easy to use. Apart from that procurement fee, working out what you need to pay is not difficult. For regular CDJapan customers, being able to save by shipping items with your CDJapan orders is a huge perk.

Let me know if there’s anything not clear to you, or if you find this helpful!