[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Website Address: AudioJapanStyle.com

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Hey folks! audiovisualstyle.com’s domain name expired, and I got a new one. This site will  now be known as Audio Japan-Style (www.audiojapanstyle.com)!


What better way to commemorate than with a Kalafina gif?

If you’ve linked to this site with the address www.audiovisualstyle.com, it will no longer work so please update your links to www.audiojapanstyle.com ! However, the address www.audiovisualstyle.wordpress.com will still bring you here, for now, at least; I’ll post an update if that changes. UPDATEwww.audiovisualstyle.wordpress.com is now defunct.

I’ve also updated my Twitter and Tumblr handles:
Twitter: @AudioJapanStyle
Tumblr: audiojapanstyle.tumblr.com

I hope the new name reflects this site’s focus on J-Music a little bit better. Of course, if I wanted to be totally accurate, I should have gone with kalafinafangirling.com…But I’d like to keep my options for content open.

Thank you all for reading. See you at the next post!