[PV RECAP] Kalafina — Blaze

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Kalafina’s last few PV’s have been more interesting than usual, which actually made it harder for me to make fun of them. Which was great! Blaze, though, was kind of a step backwards. Standard stand-around-and-lip-sync stuff. And that drab palette…You can watch it for yourself on Youtube, if you haven’t already. Not very exciting viewing, overall.

However, that means I’ll have the pleasure of spicing it up with speculative captions…


For a start, Hikaru’s not happy with the production crew’s methods.


“In what forsaken corner of the country have you dumped us into this time?”


“I’m so tired of all this standing around! Couldn’t I have someplace clean to sit? A chair, maybe? What happened to the chair?”



“To think I could have been home, sleeping peacefully…”

Keiko isn’t too pleased with all this either.


“See, I’m all dressed up, looking fine…”


*sniff* “And yup, I definitely smell awesome.”


“Yet you guys have me skulk in some dark alley like a creep. Who am I supposed to impress here? Where are the young ladies?



“I probably look like a suspicious character. Are the police waiting around the corner to question me?”



“Oh, I’ve had enough of this! Waka-chan, Hii-chan, we’re outta here!”


Wakana has her own problems…


“So…lonely…Where are Kei-chan and Hii-chan?”



“Maybe they’re inside…Cameraman-san, do you think you could help me open this door?”



“No? You’re not allowed to help? It’s not part of the script? I didn’t know there was a script. I thought you were just recording us doing random stuff.”


“Good thing I watched that wilderness survival documentary. If I light a fire the smoke might help the others find me…”


Eventually, the three of them make it to the rooftop, but things aren’t getting better…


Wakana: “Wait up, it looks like there’s a storm coming!”
Hikaru: “Oh and of course they left us here without any umbrellas!”



Keiko: “Well, at least my boots will keep my feet dry, as I found out when I ran around in puddles earlier for some reason.”



Keiko: “But yeah, we definitely need to get off this roof if we don’t want to get struck by lightning.”



Keiko: “Follow me, ladies, I’m pretty sure this is the way down.”



Hikaru: “Wait! Are you sure you’re going the right way?”



Keiko: “Oops, heh heh. Sorry, it should be this way instead.”
Hikaru: “Thank goodness my sense of direction has improved.”

Fortunately, the ladies manage to get off the roof and find shelter from the storm.


Wakana: “Look at all these candles! How did they suddenly appear?”
Keiko: “Don’t think about that, just look into the camera and get this over with.”
Hikaru: “Please…Just let us go home…”

And that concludes the fascinating(?) story of yet another Kalafina PV. Seriously, One Light and far on the water were pretty cool PVs, why didn’t you guys improve on that?

  • I actually like this one more than One Light lol but could just be the color palette we’re talking about here XD