[LIVE REPORT] Kalafina Christmas Premium LIVE 2015 “Kalafina with Strings” in Osaka

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I think calling for an encore would have been a given in other Kalafina concerts; I guess the classier nature of the venue kept people from yelling here. Everyone had been behaving in a dignified manner—no cheering or yelling, no one standing— but the applause was always very spirited. Kalafina were, well, more restrained then in their other lives, but they still chatted cheerfully, and I think Keiko teased the other two quite a bit. They made the audience laugh a number of times. (I wish I understood…)

Anyway, after the last song, Kalafina thanked the audience and took their leave together with the musicians. In lieu of calling out, the audience (including yours truly) settled for steadily clapping in unison (clap-clap-clap-clap) until Sakurada (piano) and Kalafina re-emerged.

EC1. believe
No costume changes, in case anyone was wondering.

I loved this performance. Just piano accompaniment, so the vocals were more prominent. This song has some great harmonies, and Wakana sounded especially good. The singing style was largely similar to the studio version, but Wakana’s opening lines were more subdued with the song picking up afterwards. There was a wonderful moment at the verse starting with “Shizuka na yoru ni / Sotto… (In the quiet night / Gently…)” Keiko and Hikaru sang their lines here softly, with incredible control.

EC2. far on the water
The string quartet returned for this one. Keiko was wonderful on her opening solos. Everyone sounded wonderful, really. The feel here didn’t vary much from the studio version, but that didn’t stop it from being an impressive performance on its own. I’m very glad to be able to hear this on acoustic, with live strings.

EC. 3 In Dulci Jubilo
I didn’t recognise this song and had to look up the title afterwards. And it seems they were singing the original, German-Latin version, so I can’t really comment on their pronunciation. They started off with singing a capella in three-part harmony—something I always enjoy from Kalafina—with the piano and strings coming in later. Once again, they sounded like an angelic choir. Also, the strings were sublime here, particularly during the instrumental. Lovely way to end the concert.

The audience gave Kalafina and the musicians a well-deserved standing ovation. As far as I could see, no one had remained seated. The ladies seemed very touched, especially Keiko.

Kalafina curtsied again to the audience. I’m not certain if I remember correctly, but I think they also curtsied to the audience at the back of the stage (I know they did this at some point). They and the musicians made sure to wave to the audience at the back and the sides as well as those in front. And then they left, and the magic was over.

1.荒野の果てに「讃美歌106番」(Angels We Have Heard on High)
2.もろびとこぞりて (Joy to the World)
3. dolce
4. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa
5. seventh heaven
6. Kizuato
7. Musunde Hiraku
8. ring your bell
9. Gogatsu no Mahou
10. Gloria
11. Hokage
12. Kimi no Gin no Niwa
13. Hikari Furu
14. Mahiru
15. Eden
16. Yume no Daichi
17. storia
18. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
19. Jingle Bells
20. believe
21. far on the water
22. In Dulci Jubilo

I wanted the concert shirt, but it sold out very quickly. I ended up only getting the clear files and postcard set. But it’s fine, I’m happy enough.

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So, that’s my report. It was an incredible experience, and a dream come true for me. Kalafina were in amazing form—that was some of the best singing I’ve ever heard from them. And the rearrangements were done so well, with talented musicians. I’m very thankful I could be there for it, and I wish every Kalafina fan could hear it too. I’m sure you would all enjoy how different these Christmas lives are from their usual ones. If only there could have been a DVD (there were no cameras for this night, at least). But even live recordings would be appreciated.

Also, I think Kalafina should seriously consider releasing a Christmas cover album…

Thanks for reading this massive report! I hope to be back with more posts soon.