About Audio Japan-Style

Formerly known as Audio Visual Style (http://audio-visualstyle.blogspot.sg). Audio Japan-Style is a site dedicated to Japanese pop culture (which includes music, anime and manga). Contains a disproportionate number of Kalafina posts. Also home to the Kalafina PV Recaps.

To stay updated, you can follow Audio Japan-Style on Twitter (@AudioJapanStyle) and on Facebook. AJS also has a Tumblr which has way too many Kalafina gifs always needs more Kalafina gifs.

Nat (Audio Japan-Style’s admin) is a freelance writer and editor based in Singapore. She is uncomfortable with writing about herself in third person, but it just seems, like, more professional.  When no one’s paying her to write and edit, she’s merely a fangirl with Internet access and web hosting. She’s currently besotted with Yuki Kaijura’s music, Kalafina, various J-Rock bands, and the Madoka Magica franchise.

Nat also occasionally contributes articles to WOWJapan (formerly AFAChannel), which is run by the organisers of Anime Festival Asia. Feel free to check out more of Nat’s work here.

Thank you for dropping by! Do feel free to comment on this page or email nat@audiojapanstyle.com if you have any questions or suggestions.


  • I recently stumbled upon your blog; looks like I’ll be dropping by frequently! Shall we exchange links? I’ve already added you to my blogroll. 🙂

    • Nat

      I’m very glad to hear that ^_^ And yes, that’d be great, thanks! I’ll add you to mine.

  • 123

    If I linked you to my blog roll, should I do this site or the blogpsot one?

    • Nat

      Thanks for your interest! Could you link to this one? I’m planning on making this my main blog at some point.

      Is it fine if I link to you as well?