[MUSIC] Kalafina — ‘far on the water’ Album Covers

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Today would have been another day at work, but the album covers for Kalafina’s upcoming far on the water were revealed and I got excited.

Hit the jump to check them out!


fotw type

far on the water [Limited Edition Type-A w/DVD]


fotw type b

far on the water [Limited Edition Type-B w/Blu-Ray]


fotw reg

far on the water [Regular Edition]


fotw vinyl

far on the water [Vinyl Limited Edition]


This will be the first Kalafina full album released in vinyl. I have to say, the idea of owning a Kalafina album on vinyl is incredibly tempting…

I’ve been putting off pre-ordering because I wanted to see the album covers first, but now I’m torn between Types A and B. All the covers looked rather awkwardly Photoshopped, to be honest. I love the hairstyle and outfits, though,  the ladies look gorgeous — at least, in the images where you can actually see them.  They look nice on Types A and B but you can barely see them on the Regular edition, they’re so tiny. The vinyl cover is just a little better though. Which version would you get? I’d be interested to know, especially since I’m having trouble with my own decision…

Oh, if you do want the vinyl version and haven’t pre-ordered, you should probably get to it — at this moment there’re only 13 copies left!


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  • I chose the one with BR. I always choose that. But they are all amazing D:
    I can only buy one at this time.

    • Nat

      I choose that 90% of the time too! But I went with the DVD version this time for a change.