[MUSIC] Kalafina’s believe single — Jacket Cover Photos

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As you might already know,  Kalafina’s believe will be the ending theme of next season’s Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] anime adaptation, and the single will be out on 19 November. Recently, the jacket cover photos were released . They’re quite pretty, and they feature KEIKO’S FOREHEAD. And Fate/stay night‘s Rin. Check them out and the preorder links below:

believe LE A

believe [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]

believe LE B

believe [w/ Blu Ray, Limited Edition / Type B]

believe RE

believe [Regular Edition, CD only]

believe AE

believe [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Anime Edition]

Types A and B will include the PV for believe. And if you order any of the four editions from a Japanese partner site like CDJapan, you’ll get two Kalafina postcards. They’re almost sold out on CDJapan so if you plan to preorder and haven’t done so, you should probably get to it quickly.

Back to KEIKO’S FOREHEAD. Sure, this isn’t the first sighting of it, but it’s probably the first time it appeared on an official photo. Why am I fascinated by Keiko’s forehead? Haven’t you ever wondered what was hidden beneath the fringe of that perfect hime-haircut? No, just me? Well, the answer was fairly obvious anyway: a forehead. But it’s just rare that we get to see Keiko’s.

And it would have made perfect sense for Hikaru to be in the centre of one of the editions, but why they passed that up will forever remain a mystery.  Okay, not really a question worth cracking my brain over. Anyway, conclusion: The covers are pretty, and I like them.

I’ve pre-ordered Type-B; hopefully I’ll be able to do a review of the single. Hey, I might even do a PV recap, depending on how much stuff I can find to make fun of in the PV.

Oh, by the way, CDJapan also has the 2015 Kalafina calendar up for preorder, so if you like the idea of Kalafina on your wall:

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  • KEIKO’S FORHEAD! Never seen by human eyes, until this fateful day…