[NEWS] Jupiter releases preview for debut single

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For something that was named to reflect its admin’s fascination with Visual Kei, this blog has a serious dearth of VK posts.

Well, to be honest, my enthusiasm for Visual Kei has waned somewhat, but once in a while a band catches my attention.

From Shattered Tranquility:

The Visual Kei band Jupiter, which comprises mainly of ex-Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet- members (minus vocalist Kamijo, who’s going solo), released a preview for their upcoming debut single, Blessing of the Future.

I can’t remember the last time I saw lead guitarist Hizaki so, um, dressed-down. Well, dressed-down for Hizaki, anyway

We’ve also got a much better idea of what their vocalist Zin (stylised as ZIN, but typing in caps is irritating me) sounds like now. There seems to be really little info on him (well, in any language I can read, that is), but the word is that he used to go by ‘Kaito’ and was the lead singer for the still-active J-metal band Tokami.  I’m about 99% certain that this is a fact. Kaito (or Zin) has a very distinctive voice…

(Warning: AMV ahead. I’m so sorry for pushing that not-so-good AMV on you all — that was my first ever AMV,  by the way — but it was the only video with Tokami’s Silence of Angel that I could find. I love that song.)

…yep, I’m pretty sure that’s Kaito. If anyone has official confirmation or more info about Zin (or Kaito, for that matter), please let me know! I really like his voice; it’s quite nasal, but it’s certainly memorable in a good way, in my opinion. His falsettos (or that could just be his upper range) were great. I’m happy he’s ended up in such a big-name project; I think he deserves more exposure.

Having said all that, while I’m intrigued by Jupiter, I’m personally not rushing out to buy Blessing of the Future just yet. It’s tempting to simply describe Jupiter’s sound as ‘Versailles without Kamijo’.  But  what we can hear of Jupiter’s music right now sounds more like speed metal (reminiscent of Hizaki’s earlier works) rather than Versailles’s more heavily Romance-influenced brand of metal. I’ll miss Versailles, but at least we still get to hear the typical Hizaki guitar solo — which is good, because Hizaki’s solos are typically awesome. Oh, and Zin’s voice seem to fit in very well. But I think I need a little more to go on before I consider spending money on it.

But if you have no such reservations Blessing of the Future will be released on the 24th July. It comes in two editions:

Blessing Of The Future / Jupiter
Jupiter also have an album, Classical Element, set for release on 28th August. It comes in three editions:
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    Zin’s voice reminds me of Kamijo’s but a bit higher and with slower vibrato. If that is him in the AMV then his head voice is a bit better too. I’m really looking forward to this release – although I hope that they don’t do all speed metal and do some mid-tempo stuff as well.

    Maybe Hizaki is dressed down because it’s summer in Japan and he was like “it’ssss hooooooooot!!!!” 🙂

    Kamijo has released a teaser of his new single Louis too. From what I can remember of it, it seems he’s going down the symphonic path.

    • Nat

      Oh, that’s interesting. I haven’t actually attempted to compare Zin to Kamijo but now that you’ve mentioned it I can hear similarities (and the differences). Yeah, some variety in this release would be nice.

      LOL. I guess even Hizaki needs to be practical sometimes XD

      I just listened to the Louis teaser, that’s pretty much what it sounds like. Not surprising really, it’s more or less the direction I expected Kamijo to take.