[NEWS] ufotable to produce new Fate/stay night project; September premiere for latest Kara no Kyoukai film , Kalafina to sing theme

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From Anime News Network:

Hikaru Kondo, founder of the animation studio ufotable, announced on Twitter that that ufotable will be producing a new Fate/stay night project. That appears to be the only detail so far; there was no mention of what format the project will be, and whether it will be a remake of previous animated adaptations of the Fate/stay night visual novel or something new.

Two of the three storylines in Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night visual novel have already been adapted for anime by Studio DEEN: the ‘Fate’ storyline was used for Fate/stay night television series (2006), while  ‘Unlimited Blade Works’ was adapted into a film,  Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (2010). That leaves the ‘Heaven’s Feel’ storyline. 

I’m pretty excited for this. It’d be nice to see ‘Heaven’s Feel’ animated at last, but I wouldn’t mind seeing ufotable’s take on the other two storylines either. ufotable’s adaptation of the Fate/stay prequel novel Fate/Zero was a gorgeous spectacle, and I’m expecting to be wowed again. Also, a Yuki Kajiura soundtrack, please?

In other news on ufotable adaptations of Type-Moon franchises…

From the unofficial Kalafina Facebook page:

According to Kalafina’s official blog (and corroborated by the official Kara no Kyoukai site), the epilogue film for the Kara no Kyoukai series, Mirai Fukuin, will premiere on 26th September this year, and Kalafina will be singing the theme.

Considering how closely Kalafina are tied to the Kara no Kyoukai films (they performed the theme songs for the previous seven films, with their debut song featured for the first film), it only seems natural that they’d see the project through to its end. Ah, so much to look forward to.

To emphasise my approval, here are some old Kalafina gifs:

  • 123

    Wheee gifs! This is so cool, ever since I heard on the new Kara no Kyoukai I’ve been waiting for news that Kalafina would be singing for it, thanks!!!!!!!

    • Nat

      You’re welcome ^_^ Just reporting what I found though. Between this and the Madoka movie, it seems like we have quite a bit of Kalafina’s music to look forward to in the next few months 😀