[Gig] J-Rock Matters Live (ft. flumpool and SID) (23/5/2013)

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As part of HP’s All That Matters Music Matters Live series, J-Rock bands flumpool and SID performed at Clarke Quay’s Fountain Stage. Their performances came under a special segment called “J-Rock Matters”, presented by the Japanese online publication BARKS.

It was a great show. Best of all, it was free.

I was considering doing a live report, but I noticed that the videos from the livestream of the concert were still up:

I think these convey the experience of the live better than any report of mine could. Any suggestions that I may just be too lazy to write a report will be huffily ignored. I’m not sure how long these videos will be up for, so if you haven’t watched them yet, go get to it.

At around 11:30 of flumpool’s performance, vocalist and guitarist Ryuta kisses the pick he was using and tosses it into the crowd, close to where I was standing. I normally don’t bother going for these kind of things even when they come my way because I’m neither tall nor forceful enough to stand a chance. But this dude who hadn’t even noticed what was going on got hit in the chest by the pick, and then coolly bent down to retrieve it. Lucky guy.

Fortunately for me, that dude happened to be the brother I’d dragged along to the show. He didn’t really want it, so…

 photo flumpool-pick_zps6b9adb25.jpg
Couldn’t have asked for a better souvenir.

So thank you, BARKS, for bringing flumpool and SID to Singapore. I hope you bring other Japanese artistes here as well! Also, hopefully, for free.